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ZoonCraft, Hardcore Tekkit at it's finest!

Were here to help!
Lots of items!

Don't like to read? We've posted a TL;DR at the bottom.

Welcome to ZoonCraft!

We try to do everything as best as we can, AND to keep players happy at any cost....except for drastic measures of crouse. This server has 1.5 GB of RAM at the moment, and there are no plans to upgrade; there are currently no problems with memory. Donations are also open if you feel as if you'd like to do so. They help keep the the server running as they do to many servers! A little bit more information on the server itself:

Banned items:
We have banned many of the items that griefers use to do their job and ruin any server. Here you don't need to worry about that! We have banned all items that cause things to 'go boom' and or put craters in the spawn. Things like the NOVA BOMS, or the NOVA CATALYST/LENS are banned. Nukes are also banned. TNT does NOT do any damage to blocks, but still causes damage to your characters and characters. This is because there is a duplication glitch with TNT as well as the griefing part of it.

ALL Duplication glitches are patched. We have a very heavy TekkitRestrict installed on our server that will block ALL duplication glitches as well as call you out if you try to do said duplications. So please. If you are looking to duplicate, please do not try/do it on our server.

An IMPORTANT side note...: Oil Derrick 2.5
As all server owners should know at this point, there has been a developer who had released a client to people to test out a possible exploit since that was his job: to find and eliminate any exploits. Not to his knowledge though, a tester leaked this client as his own and tried selling it on YouTube for 30$. The Dev. of this client, AKA Gecko, immediately released a patch for the hack, which was a force creative hack that allowed anyone to put themselves into creative, and spawn in anything they pleased for. Gecko also released a letter saying his appologies for his clients trouble...which I still hate him because why would you release it to testers and not people you're friends with and or can trust? Dumb move Gecko, really dumb. But never-the-less, the patch is out and we have installed it onto our server so that no one may access creative unless they are truly an OP of the server, like me. Czar. But anyways, this is to keep LEGIT players who have no need to grief/cheat/hack/dupe/pickles on our server at a safe state of mind.


This is one kickass server, it has no cheating, hacking, anti grief plugins...great staff and an awesome machine room so you can craft things easier. Great time, log on, kick some ass, build a house, get rich, profit! WOOO! JOIN US!

Welcome to ZoonCraft! Main desc. above is a bit more in-depth.

This is running at the REC Build, aka 3.1.2|1.2.5!
The servers name is ZoonCraft or ZC for short.
This server is being hosted by XenonServers at the moment.
The server IP is currently:
We have one OWNER: Czar_Charm
And we have staff. We watch over the server so you guys don't need to worry about mobs and cheats and hacks and...pft. Oh well, at the end of the day...there will always be hackers; don't worry. We got that.

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