This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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SkyTower[Read Installation Info]


SkyTower, enjoy pvp powers technology and industry. Also enjoy a more populated world of animals and monsters.


Download the mods and unzip.
Go to Run and type "%appdata%" without quotes.
Go to .techniclauncher
Drop the folder that was unzipped in the .techniclauncher folder and replace all(if any other mods are conflicting)
Run tekkit and enjoy.
If you You have issues logging in login again.
If you still have issues repeat the steps.


  1. No greifing raiding only.
  2. Respect Everybody.
  3. No hurtful language, especially in front of administrators.
  4. No Terrorizing.
  5. Watch your all caps, don't use them please.
  6. Listen to all administrators.(Except when asked for account information or personal information. If asked report them.)
  7. Only advertise on forums(Not completed yet, please wait patiently.)
  8. Hacking is not permitted and will be dealt with indefinitely.
  9. Asking for rank up will result in being ignored.
  10. No being afk for days on end.

About reporting another player or admin:
If anything happens where any rule is broken, or your personal life is threatened please send all your information to Gin Saitou.

Works in progress:

Tower floors are not completely filled.
Shops are not fully functional.
More updates to come.
Fixing Spawn Areas

If this goes well the server will be up 24/7 otherwise the server will be up at 3PM to 10PM PST
6PM to 1PM EST

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