This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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#1 Tekkit server 3.1.1 use dev build on tekkit BES

  1. No mods of any kind are aloud on the server (that arent involved in tekkit),
  2. NO Xray mods or Xray texture packs are allowed.
  3. Stealing and Griefing are NOT allowed.
  4. Any exploitation of Minecraft mechanics is no aloud, and if found MUST be reported to a staff or admin ASAP.
  5. No CAPS or Racism in chat channels.
  6. Always respect all staff members and most importantly all other players.
  7. If you have a question or problem please ask kindly in the server chat (do not spam chat)
  8. No SPAMMING in chat.
  9. No killing people under any condition

EE - we havnt disabled this as we feel its apart of something big in the game. (We are aware of a dupe bug inside EE, if found using it, we will ban instantly)

However we have disabled black hole bands and void rings, due to a big dup glitch that has been found.

IC - Industrial Craft - Placement of Nukes is disabled.
Wireless Redstone - Disabled due to server crashes
Red Power - Nothing is disabled.
Buildcraft - Nothing is disabled.
ComputerCraft - Nothing is disabled.
Railcraft - Nothing is disabled.
Iron chests - Nothing is disabled.
And a few more.

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