This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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AwesomeTekCraft Tekkit Server with no banned items!We also allow Pvp.(If someone is spawn killing report it to me on the server page or when i login to the server).
I will try to keep the server on 24/7 but it will likely go off once in a while.This will happen because where i live the power gets cut off for 2 hours a week :-(.If this happpens i will try to get it back online within 15 minutes.

    Please tell me if the server lags.I will try to reduce this.
    Rules:   1.)Keep Swearing to minimum please!
               2.)No inappropriate links/stuff
               3.)No advertising other servers!(WILL GET YOU BANNED!)
               4.)No Hacks!(INSTANT BAN!)
               5.)No asking for OP
               6.)No spamming chat or tp requests
               7.)No Greifing!(WILL GET YOU BANNED!)

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