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Hello and welcome to Arcanum!

Brand new server!

You will automatically rank up after two hours. Then you can claim land with Worldguard. You are limited to two regions, each with a maximum volume of 343.000. That is 70x70x70 for example or 100x100x30 etc. Its up to you, and you get two regions each.

You can lock your chests and doors with LWC. Type /LWC in game for more info

We use CoreProtect to inspect and roll back grief


  • No 1x1 towers or bridges, dont destroy the terrain
  • Be courteous, and respect others
  • No spamming, keep the chat clean and english
  • Griefing, stealing and killing is bannable
  • Cheating and using exploits is bannable
  • Cheating includes flymods, speedhacks and xray

We have few things disabled like the destructive rings from EE, Nukes, TNT and Creepers. We use Orebfuscate which makes x-ray pretty much useless.

You can use /sneak to make sure your name cant be seen through walls.

The server is a Work in Progress, and new stuff will be added regularly. Please dont hesitate to stop by and say hi. The ip is:

IP: or

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