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18+ Mature Audiences Only.


Eyetek is a community based around multiple Minecraft servers.
We are looking for more adults to populate our servers. Act like a child or be as annoying as one and youll get the boot. We dont want to spend our time teaching people how to play or argue with kids over banned items. We are a mature community who likes to enjoy the game.
As stated, this is a mature server. If cursing or adult talk offends you than move along.

Key Notes:
Looking for 18+
No DM/RM tools
No Quantum
Multiple Servers

Banned Items
*Its a long list but its all necessary. We are a survival server. Some banned items are simply banned because they take an element of survival from the game. Other items are banned because of either grief prevention overrides or PvP override.

DM pedestal
Nova catalyst
Nova cataclysm
ALL Red matter tools
ALL Dark matter tools
Infernal armor
Transmutation tablet(s)
Destruction Catalyst
Catalytic lens
Volcanic amulet
Black hole band
Ring of ignition
Hyperkinetic lense
Black hole chest
Crystal chest
Ender chest
Watch of flowing time
Zero ring
Ring of arcana
Sticly dynamite
World anchor
Dimensional anchor
Mining laser
Industrial alarm
Howler alarm
Quantumsuit Boots
Quantumsuit Leggings
Quantumsuit Bodyarmor
Quantumsuit Helmet
Cannon Bamm
Block cutter upgrade
Crystal Chests
Philosphers Stone
Item TP Pipes
Liquid TP Pipes

*Like I said, its a long list but there is still loads to be done in tekkit without these items. If you don't agree with this list than move on, bitching won't help.

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