This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Tekkitão - Another SpurlockMedia server


Spawn - The spawn has everything that a spawn should.

  1. Clear and visual scenes to see what warps can get you where. The desert Warp looks like a desert, and the swamp looks like a swamp. Easy to figure out.
  2. 4 Mini Work shops completed with machines that will lock behind you. No way anyone is getting in to steal your goods.
  3. Massive store! We sell almost any, and all things that you could ever want to purchase in game!
  4. Awesome Sweedish-built lookalike spawn nested in a tall hillside completed with a sky walk, and massive bridge too.

Staff - The greatest staff you'll find on any server!

  1. Owners Josh and Myke have years of running Minecraft server experience.
  2. Staff is always kind, and quick to jump in and help anyone, even the new guy who doesn't know that mining directly below him still isn't a good idea to do...
  3. We are always looking for staff, however if you ask us about it... you lose your chance to be in the ranks. We look for staff that is kind, a great builder, frequency on the server and someone who can be trusted! Just remember... if you ask... you are automatically blacklisted from being staff.

Ranks - Because everyone and their effing dog wants one.... :D

  1. Admin - Deals with the technical stuff of the server
  2. Builder - A rank provided to people who will be building things for the server
  3. Moderator - The peacekeeper of the server. He reports to the head admin
  4. Police - Jails, and interrogates people.
  5. Verified Rookie - Friend of the Server. Can use banned items.
  6. Rookie - The new guys.


Q. Do I need staff?

A. Yes! However you must play on the server for at least 12 hours before ranking up. The most important things that I am looking for is someone who is frequently on the server, and a fantastic builder! So get on, and start building. When you hit your 12 hour mark - then my staff and I review you!

Q. There is soooooo many banned items! Why?

A. People blow up all my work. This server has been 4 months work, and still going! So to protect it from people who think it's fun to literally wipe spawn off the face of the map i've take banned items away from everyone I do not trust. However I know there are good people out there so why should they not have banned items? Well they can! Once you are promoted to Verified builder you can use banned items!

Q. I am interested in donating, how can I do that?

A. Shortly I'd like to get a donation page up so I can take them. Until then, I accept all types of cards, venmo, and cash as donations. For more information ask the staff about it!

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