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Tekkit Few Rules! And No Banned Items!


Thank You For Reading About Bubbacraft Tekkit Server

Ok Its Simple We Allow Players To Do Almost Anything And Everything As Long As They Are Away From Spawn.This Is A Full Anarchy Server So If People Cry About Losing Items Or Getting Griefed We Will Ignore It.Then If Anyone Asks Help By Saying "BUBBA" Or "ADMIN" Or "OWNER" Or "HELP" It Will Be Ignored Unless You Say Your Question In The Same Sentence Like As Follows "BUBBA. I Think This Guy Is Duping" And So On. If You See Anyone You Think Should Be Banned Go To The Website And Post A Ban Request In The Forums "With Proof".If Anyone Dose A Drop Party They Will Be Instantly Banned Because We Can't Tell If They Are Giving Out Dupped/Unlegit Items.

Simple Rules: #1 No Spamming "We Have SpamGuard"

2 No Drop Partys! "Drop Partys Will Result In A Instant Ban" -Reason Above

3 Don't Cry Over Getting Griefed/Raided

4 Don't Cry Over Getting Killed "If You Logg Out In Pvp It Auto Kills You" "You Cant Do Any Commands In Pvp"

5 No Duping!

6 Don't Grief Any Faction You Are In Or Were In Within 24 Hours. "So If You Leave The Faction You Must Wait 24 Hours Before Griefing Them"

About Trusted+ And Temp Disabled Items: I Make A Few Items Trusted + To Give The Trusted Players Something To Be Happy About. Then The Temp Disabled Items Are Items That I Have Disabled Due To A Bug Of Some Sort And I Re-Code The Item Then Bring It Back Into The Game.

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