This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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A european server for cool people


This server is now using Tekkit 3.1.3 You need to choose latest dev build in your client.

Responsible players who like to build cool factories and such are welcome to apply. Whitelist in use almost always. Accepting new players at the moment if u apply u might be lucky.

Only two banned items. No silly restrictions. All users can place lava in their own claims and light fire and have their own portals.
Telepipes, anchors, dm and rm tools and automatic crafting tables are all OK and so are dark rooms and cobble stone gens if U want them. Owner/admin won't touch your stuff unless you have leaky machines on with anchors that are affecting the server performance.

Server owner inspired by (but not affiliated with) Sips & Sjin

GriefPrevention is in use (Golden shovel). No silly shops nor economy plugs. Respect one another. No PvP unless both parties agree to the fight.

The simple rules include:
Griefing and stealing is obviously not allowed.
Be respectful and nice
Don't destroy it if you didn't build it
Don't try to steal
Never beg anyone for free stuff
Never ask to be a mod
Don't grief and dont make the map ugly. E.g. dont make bands of ice across the oceans or build ugly 1x1s.
Bullying is not acceptable.

If your only goal is to show off how much EMC you have collected or how many items u have duped you need not be here.

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