This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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SyncroTekkit - Tekkit Classic - Minecraft 1.2.5


Welcome to the wonderful world of SyncroTekkit! This is the modpack sister server to our small community server SyncroCraft and is built with the same goals in mind. We strive to give you a friendly and relaxed place to enjoy playing Tekkit Classic without having to worry about overcrowding from too many people. Our aim is to make ensure you and your friends feel welcome and have fun during your time with us.

Survival mode is the key aspect of this server. Joining a village is probably your quickest and safest way to remain alive, however, you may also build your own house and fend for yourself. The server shop provides as fast way to gather resources and is also a gateway to becoming rich if you know how. Different and more useful commands can be obtained by spending time online and advancing up the rank tree as well as providing you with a nice target.

You'll never have to concern yourself with griefers if you take advantage of our protection system. SyncroTekkit utilizes the Precious Stones plugin allowing you to claim areas of land an thus protecting it from trouble makers. Lockette is also in place for you to lock chests, doors and furnaces so thief's don't keep bothering you. If you're ever griefed because you forgot to protect your land or something, don't fear! Our staff will be able to rollback most of the grief within a few seconds or at the very least, find and punish the offender so it doesn't happen again.

Boredom shouldn't be a problem for you on SyncroTekkit. We have a parkour and Mob Arena just waiting for you to test your skills on. In light of our friendly nature, PVP is disabled in all of our worlds but you can still clash swords in the open PVP arena. Fancy passing the time trying to turn a profit? Player shops located at spawn let you sell and buy items from other people and running a successfully market is a great time consumer.

If you want to join our community, feel free to sign up to our website at: From there you can keep up to date with the latest news as well as share your thoughts and ideas with other members. The site can also be used to access the web shop, learn about our other servers, and to vote for us. You can apply for staff on the website, however, we advise you to spend time with us first - Syncro has never and will never take new players on as staff no matter how much experience you have on other servers. We hope to see you all in game! :D

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