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Gearz is a unique Tekkit server with a friendly co


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Gearz is a new EE disabled server. While we restrict access of certain items in certain worlds and take away the grief machines, everything else is fair game. Our dynamic economy allows the creation of towns and nations, where players can group up, create, and then war each other on the fields of battle or in the arena. Gearz uses Multiverse to accommodate players with 3 unique worlds: The Lowlands, a main world for all towns and buildings, The Pit, a world for mass mining and quarries, and The Flatland, a world where all major arenas and mini games are held. Gearz strives to keep players involved by constantly throwing new activities at it's community. We even encourage players to give us their ideas on how to make the community better. The players come first. Gearz has a forum, wiki page, and TeamSpeak to keep players and staff involved. You've never played a tekkit server like this before!

While joining the server and website does not require an application, getting permissions to do anything in game and achieving "Member" status requires an accepted application from any Gearz/Funtania staff member. Simply register on the website (listed below) and post this application in the Member Application section. Once those steps are completed and you have read the rules list for the Gearz server, you will be promoted to Member and be given permissions in game to start your journey!

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Application Format:
Ign: (Username)
Mic: (Yes or No)
Tekkit Experience:
Pictures of Previous Builds:
Special Code: (Found in the Rules Section. Make sure you read them all =P )

(While pictures are not required, we are constantly looking for good builders and engineers to join staff to help us with our numerous mini games and arena plans. If you have interest, please let a staff member know upon completing the member application process. Staff spots are still available, but will not begin to accept applications for those spots for at least another week.)

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Rules can be found at This link

Please ensure you read them

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