This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Techtonic Gaming Group


Hello All! We are a team of gaming enthusiasts who have fun in large multiplayer game teams including LAN parties and other events, currently we have a UNIX server running minecraft at a bandwidth of 100 Mbps :) ..

We have implemented a number of anti-trolling based measures, nukes and other items are now locked to any users who are not VIP or above (see group permissions).

Also please do not request to become staff in-game, please email us (see bellow) to apply for staff access. Usually we will want you to play on the server for a bit so we can see if you have what it takes to administer our systems! Loyal and responsible players will be more eligible for consideration and there are only a limited number of staff slots available..

Please email for donations/help/suggestions/inquiries.. All donations go towards hosting, maintenance and new hardware costs. Donations also get you assigned automatically to the VIP user group, allowing you access to many features that are restricted for regular users..

We are looking forward to you joining us!

Current Server Group Permissions System:

  1. Admin: The owner/s of the server, people in this group will not be online as regularly as the Operators but for requesting changes to the server or configuration files these are the people you need to talk to. They are experienced IT personal who have professional jobs in networking and/or programming fields and are kind enough to take time out of their jobs to keep the server in check.
  2. Operators: These players help monitor and maintain the day-to-day workings of the server. Talk to these players if you need assistance, they will also most likely be the ones handing out punishment if you break the rules..
  3. VIP's: This is an exclusive group for players who have contributed to the server community to make it a more pleasent experience for all users involved. Players who qualify for this get access to restricted items such as TNT and others.
  4. Default: Regular User group, players in this group have permission to place and break blocks as well as all the basic permissions..

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