This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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FazCraft Survival Tekkit


FazCraft Survival Tekkit Server

FazCraft is a middle sized, friendly, server with a kind community and helpful Admin's. We welcome ALL players and only ask that you respect our other players and are moderately mature.

Plug-ins and Security

FazCraft uses bukkit and the Tekkit mudpack and has a system of ranks set up; each different rank has different permissions and powers. There are 3 ranks that can be earned for free; the rest are available through donations to the server (ALL of these funds will go into the upkeep and maintenance of the server!)

We have various plug-ins to ensure that Griefer's are quickly and efficiently dealt with as well as preventing them from even causing damage! These include the CoreProtect commands, Lockette, and EssentialsProtect.

We also have plug-ins of a more jovial nature :D These include all of your normal essentials commands as well as DisguiseCraft and other goodies!

The Admin's on the server are Gray(Captainhirako) and Sean(seanie1g)

The owner is Farrell(Camfaz)

Come along and check out the server! Everyone is welcome to come along and we'll welcome anyone with open arms :)

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