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Tekkit Industries

Temporary Spawn Exterior
Temporary Spawn Interior
Temporary Spawn Information Board
Temporary Spawn Information Board
Temporary Spawn Interior

What kind of server are you looking for?

Tired of stupid griefers, trolly creepers, and unhelpful staff?

While preparing Tekkit Industries for release, we added a number of plugins to ensure domestic peace. You can use such plugins as GriefPrevention to protect your house! Still not totally convinced? We have implemented some EquivalentExchange patches, so those pesky EE tools can no longer harm your claim! No more Destruction Catalyst Griefs, Red Morning Star griefs, etc. If you do get griefed by a trusted friend, our staff will do the best to aid you in your time of need.

What are we?

We are a GriefPrevention, PvE (Player vs Environment) server. We are not all about clans and factions tearing each other apart! Work together, build massive factories and rule the Tekkit world!


Slots: 30

Ram: 2GB (Until more is needed)

Version: MC 1.2.5

Tekkit Classic Version: 3.1.2

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