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[UK] Fusion Craft


Fusion Craft is a Fairly new Tekkit community. We are constantly trying to create the best environment in which new and existing players are able play - hassle free! The server is saved and backed-up up regularly, meaning that all your hard work is safe and sound!

Our dedicated staff work tirelessly to keep the server running in tip-top condition 24/7 and to prevent any and all form of trouble. Both the staff and our team of moderators run a very tight ship - if you find enjoyment out of being disrespectful, abusing, cheating, trolling and griefing, then this is not the server for you.

This server has a difference; we are set-up in a way that brings Tekkit back to its roots. This means whilst you still have much of the automation of Tekkit, in some cases you will actually have to mine and craft things hand (shock horror, this is Minecraft)! Most tools that let you "lazy mine" such as divining rods and various "right-click tools" are disabled and chunkloaders are at admin discretion.

Its no secret that everyone loves to do some PvP or griefing once in a while so we, using Multiverse, have created a world named "Wasteland" to specifically accommodate these things. Wasteland is also the only place on the server where the use of Quarries is permitted - nobody likes those big messy holes.

In addition to this, our server is more balanced than some, with little or no way to generate infinite items, EMC or Mana (our iConomy currency) to ensure a stable economy and a competitive environment.

Whilst we still allow parts of Equivalent Exchange, generating a diamond takes so long - its quicker to go mine for them, presenting more of a challenge (nobody said Minecraft was easy!).

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