This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Industrial WarFare - FACTIONS - PvE - NoLagg! - Ra



Teamspeak Server:

Tekkit Server:

Disabled Mods:

Banned Items:
Everything that explodes. Ex: TnT, Nuke, ect.. (Nuclear Power Plant is enabled.)
Mk3 Relays and Collectors
MK2 Relay and Collectors They aren't banned, Just Donator only

To Get Whitelisted:
To get whitelisted, please navigate to our website and fill out a whitelist application (Guests can post on our forums for the whitelist application). We check them frequently, so just hang in there for us to reply. The whole staff team can add people to whitelist, Not just owners.

Plugins Running on the server:
Factions (We allow Peaceful Factions.)
DynMap (Factions, WorldGuard DynMap Enabled.)
MobBounty Reload

Summary about Industrial Warfare:
Our community is friendly, and we are pretty active on teamspeak (When able to). Our staff team is slowly building as we get people, So we are basically promoting people frequently. We run a tight ship with staff members, If they abuse their powers we take care of it, Staff members are there to help, Not get ahead of everyone else. There is 2 owners, Me, and Kendfinger. We both are quite knowledgeable on tekkit servers, so if an issue rises, the issue should get fixed in an appropriate time. I personally have been working on Minecraft servers for 2 years now. Roughly 4 months on Hmod, then from CraftBukkit till now. I just started branching into Tekkit servers about a month or 2 ago. If you would like to know more information about us, Please feel free to contact us on our website.


Don't be Racist
Dont't Screw Around
Please don't bug or spam chat.
Don't exploit bugs.

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