This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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SlimeTime | Custom Enchants | PvP | Jobs | SlimeFu




Welcome to the world beyond. With Actions-Pack adventures the possibility are endless. With full monitored staff helping by the minute nothing is impossible! Become the richest and make the biggest and most bad ass base. Or pretend your the poor and trick people to help you. The only thing stopping you from joining, is you. With a 24/7 online server, nothing is impossible! Got a little bit of extra cash? No problem you can spend the money to rankup! Need help with something or found a glitch? Just report! Are you a good at PvP? Then just aim for people's head with that bow because it does 2 times the damage! With a lot more features added and being added, your imagination is the only thing stopping you.

  • 24/7 with no down time!
  • No Lag
  • Custom Rankup!
  • Vote Party's
  • Crates
  • Events
  • Rewards
    SlimeTime takes harassing and cyber bullying seriously and none of that will be seen here. Although cussing is allowed, there is a limit so do not push it. We are a friendly and nice community.
    All donations at SlimeTime are taken also seriously and are greatly appreciated. This means that all the donations that are received to SlimeTime are used for and only on the server, not for private use.

• No hacking
• No disrespecting others
• Don't ask for staff
• Don't ask for ranks
• No advertising
• Greifing is allowed
• No spamming
• No complaining
• Stealing is allowed
• Raiding is allowed
• PVP is allowed
• No racism
• No lying to staff
• Don't abuse jobs!
• Do not use macros.
• Most important have fun!
A little bit more description:
Come join us in the wonders and beyond. Go towards the tallest mountains and deepest caves and be the richest of all. Grief whatever faction you see and no one will stop you! Build the biggest base on planet and conquer the world! In SlimeTime our staff is supporting you and helping you whenever we are on by the rules. Remember only you are in charge, come play and start your adventure today!
Anyone is welcomed on SlimeTime. We hope to see you soon!

New Features:

We now have 50+ Custom Enchants join us!


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