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A little bit about our server:

Our server Is an economy based server In which you may buy plots In various sizes ranging from 10 x 10 to 1000 x 1000 Using Industrial Credits obtained and made In the game. You would use your plots obtained to produce goods to sell to other players stores or Admin controlled stores to get money. We also allow the use of Trado-Mats In which could be used to make money while you are offline. Of course here In H2O we want to challenge our players and what fun would It be If we did not make the server hardcore. We have added a few plugins that will really make that hardcore experience fun.

1) Chat Proximity: You can only see what people type If your withing 20 blocks of them. Every time you type your character gets a little bit more hungry.

2) Real weather: The jungle will spawn monsters like silver fish. The desert will drain your food bar. The snow will make you freeze and take your health unless you are wearing cloths.

3) We have added far away cities for you to try to find and explore to buy rare goods. Some of these towns could be more then 9000 Blocks away! Bring lots of food with you. You can be In our server for some hours.

4) Random Treasure chest that has rare Items you can find. From chest filled with Diamonds to chest filled with 500 Rails to start a railroad business. We have added more surprises as well

5) There Is NO PvP. We don't like people killing people In our servers. Its about making money.

6) It Is a hardcore will die If u don't eat!

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