This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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CivTek is an experiment in building civilizations with tools slightly more powerful than a diamond strapped to a stick. The server runs most of the mods in use over at /r/civcraft, which allow players to defend themselves from griefers without admin intervention or magical unbreakable blocks, but is built on the Tekkit mod pack, which includes advanced mining and manufacturing machinery.

This server is run differently than other Tekkit servers. There is no magic unbreakable spawn city with a big list of rules. Houses legitimately replaced by craters will not be rolled back. Nothing in principle separates the server from utter chaos; that's the players' job.

Check out the subreddit for more information and discussion.

Server Mods:

  • PrisonPearl: Imprison griefers in The End!

  • Citadel: Breakable block protection! Running a customized version: you can reinforce with Advanced Alloy, Industrial Diamonds, and Copper.

  • RandomSpawn: You wake up in an unfamiliar place!

  • Physical Shop: Sell things for iron, damonds, and more!

  • BottleO: Bottle experience for fun and profit!

  • Precious Stones Snitch Block: Use a jukebox to see who keeps flooding your house!

  • Creeper Heal: Blocks destroyed by monster explosions will come back.

  • CombatTag: People can't log off to avoid getting killed or imprisoned!

  • Transporter: Travel between worlds (EE and normal) on this server, or even to other servers! Currently looking for Transporter network peers!

Note that EE and Ender Chests have been disabled in the main world. EE because it doesn't play well with Citadel, and Ender Chests because they let you smuggle EE items into the main world. Both are available in a special EE world with its own inventory, accessible via Transporter portal.

Personal Safes are disabled because they are unbreakable. All chunk-loading blocks are disabled to stop people loading chunks.

Note also that griefing is totally acceptable on this server, to a point. Doing things that lag or crash the server is unacceptable, and you will be banned. Blowing up peoples' houses by rigging their nuclear reactors to explode is perfectly acceptable.

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