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Welcome to the BareKnuckle FistiCuffs Official Minecraft Server. (up 24/7)

BKFC Craft has long been a private server and is going public. We want a strong community and scale with population. We currently offer 15 slots, boast a number of powerful plugins and we wish you to join us! We are a friendly group consisting of around 4 or 5 active members currently. The server is brand new (just three buildings currently) and we have been playing minecraft since beta. We want to expand and add new mods and features as we go and take polls from the community on what they would like as far as events and features. We are always open to suggestions. We are a very laid back group and play off and on at all hours of the day/night building factories, houses, towns, production plants, and other various contraptions.

Server Rules:

1) No Griefing (this is a given)

2) Do not mess with other peoples things without permission (I.E. Chests, Machines, Energy, Stealing, etc.)

3) No Cheating / Hacking of any kind (This includes, but is not limited to, Zombies Fly mod, X-Ray mods or any other unfair advantage mods not included in the default Tekkit package). All admins and users play legitimately, we do not give ourselves items or materials unless there is a specific event that merits otherwise. Therefore, said hack and cheats would give unfair advantages and plummet the economy. If you have a question or a concern about a mod, or just a general question or suggestion for future mods please post it on the forums for review.

4) No Spamming/Advertising

5) If an area is clearly marked (with posts, signs, etc.) that you are not allowed to build in an area, do not build there.

6) Try to be friendly and helpful

7) Report issues / concerns / players in violation of any of the rules on the forums

8) Have as much fun as humanly possible

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