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=Server rules=
PvP is Disabled.
No Griefing, that includes stealing too.
Act civil.
Don't build to close to other player's buildings. If you want to play with them, ask first!
Try to keep surface buildings looking nice.
Use quarrys but, again, try to keep the landscape clean!
You can build wherever you want as long as you keep a minimum distance from other buildings and respect other people's privacy.
=Banned items=
All the rings EXCEPT Swiftwolf's and Harvest Band
TNT | Destruction Catalyst | Nuke | HK Lense | Nova Cataclysm | Nova Catalyst | Catalytic Lense | TNT Cart | Industrial TNT | World Anchor | Dimensional Anchor | Anchor Cart | Mining Laser
World Edit
CoreProtect - patched for EE weapons.
Border Guard - The map is set to 1.500 blocks border from the spawn
Tekkit Restrict
=Server Description=
The server is meant to be friendly towards new comers and friendly overall. Griefers are not welcomed, mcbans makes sure of that.
Pick a spot and start building. You can't build near the spawn, 150 block radius to be more exact.

=The server is up 24/7=

Any maintenance done will be announced on the server's chat and on the forums at least 12 hours before the server goes down.

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