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Welcome to Machine-Craft, a small, new Tekkit server with a few, really friendly players. It is 24/7 (except for updates) and run on an extremely fast computer. And EVERYONE, including staff is in survival. No spawning items. 100% legit!

Plugins - AcceptDaRules, CoreProtect, DisguiseCraft, Dynmap, Essentials, ExperienceMod, ExperienceBridgeMod, McMMO, PermissionsEX, SilkSpawners, Transporter, Worldedit, Worldguard!

We also run a couple custom plugins made by yours truly!

Banned Items:

  1. Nukes - Can bypass WorldGuard

  2. TNT - Destructive

  3. ITNT - Can bypass WorldGuard

  4. Too many BuildCraft Pipes (Use RP2 tubes!) - Lag

  5. Destruction Catalyst - Can bypass WorldGuard

  6. Hyper-kinetic Lens - Can bypass WorldGuard

  7. Cannon - Can bypass WorldGuard

  8. Throw-able Dynamite - Can bypass WorldGuard

  9. Infernal Armor - OP

  10. Abyss Helmet - OP

  11. Gravity Greaves - OP

  12. Hurricane Boots - OP

  13. Volcanite Amulet - OP

  14. Evertide Amulet - OP

  15. Red Matter - OP

  16. Dark Matter tools/armour. - OP

  17. Black Hole Band - Duplication Glitch

  18. Void Ring - Duplication Glitch

  19. Alchemy Bag - Duplication Glitch

  20. Mining Laser - Can bypass WorldGuard

  21. Teleport Tether - Lag

  22. World Anchor - Lag

  23. Dimension Anchor - Lag

  24. Swiftwolf's Rending Gale - Trips AntiCheat.

  25. Quantum - Trips AntiCheat

  26. Nano - Just to make it fair.

If you are caught with any of the above, you will be instantly banned!

Now... for the server IP!

Hope you have a nice time and hope to see you on the server!

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