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[3.1.2] ? X-Craft ? [PVP/Survival][Factions/War/Lo



About Us:
X-Craft brings a taste of some the the best bukkit servers to tekkit! We pride ourselves on our Anti-Greifing and Anti-Cheat systems! Want to build without being greifed? No problem! Want to play survival? Done! Want PVP With greifing? We got that also! Want some TDM And CTF? Done! X-Craft brings everything you want to Tekkit!
Our Goal here at X-Craft is to never let anyone say I'm bored, or rage because they were greifed and the Staff wouldn't help.

Here at X-Craft we have a special outlook on donations. Donations shouldn't be viewed as purchases, but as DONATIONS! And
anything you get for donating should be looked at as out gift to you! Donations ALWAYS go back into the server and are NEVER used for personal gain! Donators also get access to some otherwise banned items. Such as Computers, Quantum Armor (Disabled in PVP world), And RM Furnace!

X-Craft has 4 worlds, Event, Survival, Main, and PvP.
Each of these worlds have their own set of rules!
We also do something ALOT of servers don't! We balance our ranks for each world! We also have separate inventories for certain worlds!
? PVP ?
In the PvP World, Greifing and Raiding are allowed. Donators cannot Fly, Use gamemode, Spawn items, Godmode, Or use vanish here! And Lockette is disabled in this world! The difficulty in this world is HARD!
? Main ?
The main world has the standard set of rules, No Greifing, No advertising, No Mods/hacks, No begging for items or OP, No Duping, ETC. This world holds the one and only BuildersCity! Where you can build and never be greifed! There are no limits on donor ranks here! Lockette is enabled!
? Survival ?
This world is for Survival, Greifing is not allowed, And lockette is enabled!
? Event ?
This world holds our arenas, and a few of our many events! It is also the home of our Old-World! So if you are a old player (from before tekkit) Your stuff will still be here!

? Notable Plugins ?
? How To Join: ?
Note: Send in a good app and we might offer you staff!
Have you ever been banned? And What for?:
When are you on?:
Why do you want to join?:
? Example: ?
Name(Optional): Jack
Age: 17
Location: USA
Have you ever been banned? And What for?: Nope!
When are you on?: After 12pm PST
Why do you want to join?: Because I'm looking for a good server to play on where I won't get greifed!

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