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Divinity-Tekkit is a brand new community, started by Knyghtmares and xBingmyskillzx. We plan to bring a fun and lasting community to minecraft, and enjoyment for all.

What we offer;

What our goals are;
Build a community with a large amount of players
Have a relationship with the minecraft community, and to be known as a whole
Create a fun and safe environment, for all players, of all ages


1: No griefing
2: No EMC farms/explots (Will be removed)
3: Do not ask for your application to be read
4: Do not advertise
5: Do not spam the chat
6: Do not use excessive obscene language
7: Do not spam lightning or kill people with it
8: Do not ask for items or money from staff
9: No hacks/cheats or abusing glitches/bugs
10: Keep drop parties to a minimum
11: No scamming or luring
12: No griefing on claimed land
13: Donator names must be somewhat related to their in-game name, nothing rude or inappropirate or you will be punished
14: No megaliths, known to cause large amounts of lag
15: Players cannot have access to staff member chests/machines in any of their claims
16: Try to keep the main chat english only

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