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The Big Dig Tekkit!
TBDT is an amazing Tekkit server that has many awesome features and plugins. If you are tired of going server to server but never finding the right one, then you're on the right page! Whether it be bad staff, no staff, insane lag, bad maintenance, boredom, griefing, or bad management that made you leave your last server, you won't have to deal with it ever again. Once you join TBDT, you will never look for another Tekkit server, ever. TBDT has a great staff, absolutely Zer0 lag, is very well maintained, has many epic features and plugins s you never get bored, has multiple safeguards against grief/thieves, and is very well managed by staff. Head over to the TBDTekkit site and join right away!

Tired of servers with immature staff? Ever been kicked or banned many times for a Admins enjoyment? Hate servers where staff spawns items for themselves and their friends while you work hard for yours? Don't want to play on a server that sells staff ranks ever again? Then join the TBDTekkit community now! TBDT staff are very mature, will never harass you, steal your items, spawn items for their friends, spawn items for themselves, or jail/kick/ban without good reason. TBDT staff is dedicated to making sure the server is free of spammers/trolls , and will always be willing to help you if you need staff related assistance.

-Zer0 lag!
-Awesome spawns!
-Epic website!
-Donation perks like /hat, /back, /nick, and more!

-Creative(Donation perk)

PLUGINS (administration plugins etc. not listed):

-Equivalent Exchange

-Nukes-(Grief/server destruction)
-World Anchors and Dimensional Anchors-(Lag)
-Balkon's Weapon Mod-(Bypass no-pvp. Not banned in pvp arena!)
-Mining Turtles-(Ignores claims)
-REP-(Bypass no-pvp.)
-Crystal Chests-(Lag, use diamond chests instead.)

-Quarries-(Each player gets 1 quarry. You may buy/see quarries to/from other players.

Join TBDTekkit now!
Server ip:

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