This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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QuCraft Voltz


Not a Beginner Server
Welcome to QuCraft. We will be updating a lot here in the next week. If there are issues just add them to the forum. Remember the survival is all that. Chaos. So do not trust anyone ever. Spys will be looking for you. This is a new server and like anything new there will be issues. The main thing is to have fun. Read the rules and tutorials for better use of life on voltz.

There are random prizes in chest although out the world in trees, underwater in chasms. Also torrents will be guarding some of the better ones. about every item in server is in chest. We will be doing a protected zones in one of our multiverses for the ones who just enjoy crafting and vanilla without the wars. Where you can become mayor of your own 200x200 plot of protected area.

We will be engaging in a monthly war with other servers to build team unity and strength for those who like teams of 10 and higher this is optional to join. This isn't for everyone.

Be patient with us as we sort through the bugs.

We do make use of Mcbans ( for those who don't know what Mcbans is. it is a world wide plugin that shares with others who have Mcbans about your disruptive conduct and will prohibit you from entering into any site that has Mcbans). We do not mind adding the trouble makers on the list. We are here to have fun. Read rules of actions taken before adding them to McBans.Zero toleration on cheaters, trolls, etc. griefing is allowed in world. There is a safezone, factions. Few items are banned like antimatter and redmatter. The next month we hope to implore everything other than the tracker. Thanks to all staff and members.

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