This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MineQC.CA Tekkit Server!


Looking for a Tekkit Server? Tired of the redundant, boring old Tekkit Server? Look no further because MineQC is the server for you. This server is hosted in Canada, Quebec, and has a diverse and wide range of people who log in daily to come join the fun! Even though the majority of the people on are French speaking, like myself and a few other people, are an English speaking background so you guys aren't left out. This server is based around a Role-Playing principal which many people enjoy. You are allowed to choose your Class and Profession from our Hero Plugin installed. You will also be able to join a town and have fun with your friends. This server has a wide range of other plugins which help moderate the server grief and brillant Staff which help keep the MineQC community running and fluent. MineQC also has its own TeamSpeak 3 Server so you can talk to the many people who join it without any hassle. Still not convinced? Well why don't you come onto the server and see for yourself! Everything you will need will be on the MineQC website. So tell your friends, hop on in, come join and have some the fun!

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