This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MachineTekkit - Tekkit Lite


MachineTekkit is a revival of a Tekkit Classic server (before there was Tekkit Lite) that I tried to run from my house about six months back. Just the same as the original server, there are very few banned items, a small number of hand-picked staff, and loose rules.


  • Don't make enemies here. We're all nice.

  • Be respectful to everybody on the server.

  • Don't try to craft banned items.

  • Do NOT grief, steal, or similar.

  • DO have a boatload of fun!

  • DO make a ton of awesome friends!

Banned Items:

  • Quantum

  • Terraformers

  • Phased (Teleport) Pipes

  • Mining Lasers

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