This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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TekkitLab | USE 3.0.3 | [LWC] [BACKUPS] [MOBARENA]


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!USE TEKKIT 3.0.3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a small tekkit server, there's 25 slots, no whitelist.
Since there's no whitelist, obvioulsy, there's some disabled items. Don't worry, only griefing tools are disabled. Once you prove yourself as a nice person, who I can trust, you will become a trusted member, which will be able to craft the items you can't normally.

We have towny, so you can make wars with other people :3

You can be a lonely hermit in your cave, or you can make a giant town with your friends and other people, you decide.

There's LWC protection for machines, EE stuff, etc. So don't worry about your stuff getting stoled.


  1. Do not grief. If we see you, you're done, permaban.
  2. Stealing is ALLOWED (From chests, no griefing)
  3. Respect the staff: DarkRender, xTricksZz, aclegt, peanut29365
  4. Do not ask us to spawn some stuff. We play legitly also.
  5. Have fun!

Come and join the fun!

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