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Freedom Tekkit Server


So here's how this works, you join the server, you play the game, you don't complain when everything you have is destroyed.

Since I started playing Minecraft I always loved the minimalist approach to servers. However, you can't find a server these days (let alone a tekkit server) that doesn't give you a bunch of items to start with, a ton of rules to adhere to, items that aren't banned, etc etc.

After joining my nth server that gave me a ton of start off items, had me voting to gain end-game items, among other things I got tired of it and decided to make my own server my own ways.

Further details are given in the game, but aside from that there are no rules, no banned items (even game breaking things aren't banned), and no owner.

Not true, there is an owner. But he just wants to play the game. He doesn't care about your wants or needs. Maybe he'll listen to you. Unlikely though.

The only real exception here is that DD worlds and Myst worlds are deleted every so often because I don't want you all hiding in your own little worlds. Space stations are safe though because if you've gotten there then you've pretty much earned it.

There's no sort of protection either. You want your land protected? Better either hide or make a forcefield.

Basically, just come, play the game how it's meant to be played, and have fun.

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