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[0.6.1] Sunwire [50 Slots][Survival PvP/PvE][Towny


Sunwire is a Tekkit PvP server using Towny and iConomy to enrich gameplay and fun.
If you're looking for a fair and exciting Minecraft gaming experience, you should definitely consider checking out Sunwire.

Your adventure starts as a lonely survivor or a group of players alone in the wilderness. With nothing but your bare hands it is your task to build up a small refugee camp and gather resources to eventually grow in size and technology to become the most badass town on the server.

But be aware!
Other survivors may get in your way.
Murder, theft, betrayal...Don't trust anyone and be ready to fight for your belongings at any time!


Server location: Europe
Tekkit Lite IP:
Teamspeak 3:

  • Essentials
  • Towny
  • iConomy
  • Chestshop
  • GroupManager
  • GenerousMobs
  • Worldboarder
  • And some security plugins

This is a short version. For detailed information what IDs are banned and why click here:

We take care of what fits to the pvp play style. So some are banned because it makes pvp boring or unplayable (ex. Quantum suit).
Mods which interfere with our system or economy are completely removed (EE and Myst).

  • Mining Laser
  • Turtles
  • Quantum Armor
  • Power Armor
  • Nuke/Dynamite/Industrial TNT
  • Forcefields
  • Personal Safe
  • Cannon

TNT is allowed for traps


This is a partial list of our rules enabling you to decide if our server fits your playstyle.
To actually play on the server you must read the full rules to avoid getting banned by accident.

Please read through our full rules list!:

  • No griefing! (See what's considered as griefing further below)
  • Do not bypass items, blocks and region restrictions in any way.
  • No cheats / x-ray / exploits / hacks / bug using / item duplication.
  • No harassment of other players / bad language. (Even though this is a PVP server, that dosen't mean beeing a dick to other players)
  • Don't spam chat. (Use channels for private talk)
  • Use English in public chat.
  • Bugs must be reported to the admins immediatly. (Otherwise you are treated as breaking rule #3)
  • No 1x1 towers
  • No flying houses (except airplanes/isles etc..)


Griefing is senseless vandalsim. Examples:

  • To dig a 2x1 hole in a unsecured base to get into is totally okay. To destroy the whole wall is vandalsim and will be punished. (except the wall is made of valuable blocks -> stealing)
  • Steal machines is okay. To overload them to make them explode is griefing.
  • Randomly destroying blocks to find hidden chests within bases is griefing.
  • Placing or destroying many blocks arround bases to provoke is griefing.
  • Placing lava bukkets to destroy structures/forests is griefing.
  • Abusing nuclear reactors as a weapon is griefing. (Instant ban)

Here is a tutorial how to connect:

The first start

As a fresh player your first goal should be acquiring towny. A new town costs 4000 Coins. You can get coins by either selling Silver (12,5 Coins), Gold (25 Coins) or Tungsten (50 Coins) at the shop loacated in the spawn area or killing other players and mobs.
Until you don't have a save home, stay as unsuspicious as possible. Keep in mind that this is a PVP server so it's a good idea to hide your chests against raiders.
Once you've collected 4000 Coins you can create a town. In your town other players will not be able to break any blocks, however use buttons doors chests. To safe your chests in a town, simply place a block over them.
If you don't want to collect 4000 Coins and still want to be member of a town, you can join an existing one by asking around...


Please copy the following preset and fill in your informations as shown.


Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player?

Other things you'd like to add

One of us admins will then put your name on the whitelist as soon as we find the time.Please allow up to 12 hours as we may not be online at the time. However activation usually it doesn't take longer than a couple of hours.

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