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The Grand Tekknochracy


Please email all applications to
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Server info: Brand new whitelisted, 24/7 server looking for players! 12 slots, but more than 12 people will be accepted seeing as not everybody will be on the server at once. Only mature players will be accepted, so please keep that in mind when applying. We will only be accepting those whom we find suitable for the server, as we've experienced too many immature players in the past.


No griefing.

No stealing.

No duplicating.

No cheating of any sort.

No abusing glitches or bugs (and if you happen to find one, I expect that you tell a staff member).

I will not tolerate bullying, antagonizing, or anything of the sort. I will not tolerate threats directed at me, my staff, or my players. You will have maximum four chances, which the severity of the punishment depends on the rule broken.

First offense: Warning.

Second offense: Temporary ban (length dependent on which rule and the severity).

Third offense: 2nd Temp ban (longer than the last, also dependent on the rule and severity).

Fourth offense: Permanent ban.

Whitelist application format:



Experience (Tekkit & Minecraft; you don't need to be extremely experienced, and we're willing to help out if you're new to either): Ex: What are you good with? What's your favorite mod in Tekkit? How long have you been playing?

Reason(s) for wanting to join:

Anything else you would like us to know:

Please be detailed when answering.


Owner: Kristorkian
[Currently looking for two or three people to fill mod positions, please email with the subject "Mod Application," and I'll reply back with the mod application format for you to fill out.]

Banned Items:

Catalytic Lens

Hyperkinetic Lens

Destruction Catalyst

Evertide/Volcanic Amulet

Gem Armor

Void Ring

Watch of Flowing Time

Red Matter Tools

Red Matter Furnace





Nova Catalyst

Nova Cataclysm

Dimensional Anchor

World Anchor

Anchor Cart

Feed Station

Energy Collector MK III

Relay MK III

Archangel's Smite

Dark Matter Pedestal

Recommended texture pack: Sphax PureBDCraft

Tekkit Classic version 3.1.2

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