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Hello & Welcome to S!K NAT!ON, we are a Tekkit server, but we aren't like all the rest of them out there. S!K NAT!ON is a place to call home, we are creating an MMO based world system where you can create items to sell to playes and buy items from players. We also offer a PVP World, that greifing/raiding, basically anything goes world. Looking for a new experience where you can become a member of a community and experience Minecraft and Tekkit in a whole new way, come give us a try.

We do have a TeamSpeak server for our players and members to use.

Since Feed The Beast should be out shortly please be aware that we will change over to it. We will check to see what gets broken, if anything does with the changes. Before we install it to the server.

Please visit our website and become a member. Make sure to register with your IGN to make it easier for us to approve the application. We also have a forum for whitelisting applications as well.


  • Towny (Community)
  • McMMO (Mine, farm, jump, fight, and get skills)
  • Multiverse (Multiworlds)
  • iConomy (Start out with 500 cash)
  • ChestShop (For players to make some dough)
  • Votifier (Vote and get free diamonds)
  • LWC
  • TreeAssist(Cut down trees autoplant saplings)

And any more.

Server Rules

  1. No mods of any kind are allowed on the server (that aren't involved in Tekkit),
  2. No X-ray mods or X-ray texture packs are allowed.
  3. Any exploitation of Minecraft mechanics is not allowed, and if found MUST be reported to a staff or admin ASAP.
  4. No CAPS, Racism, or swearing in chat.
  5. Always respect all members higher AND below your rank.
  6. If you have a question or problem please ask kindly in the server chat (do not spam chat).
  7. No SPAMMING in chat.
  8. Don't create, place or use any of the banned items.

Banned Items

  • All Explosives
  • Red Matter Furnace
  • Both Amulets
  • ALL RINGS, other than Swiftwolf's & HarvestBand
  • All Catalyst/Lens/Mercicual Eye

If you want to come play on the server please reply with the following information:
IGN: (your minecraft name)
AGE: (your age, we are looking for mature people to play with us)
WHY: (why you want to join the server)
HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED FROM A SERVER, IF SO WHY: (have you been banned and why you were banned)

You can also join our website and request whitelisting there as well.

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