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UltraTek [3.1.2] [No Disabled Mods] [Economy] [PVE


UltraTek is a Tekkit server run by a group of experienced Minecraft players.
We are dedicated just for the user friendliness and welcome anyone to play on this server!

Features of the Server

You have a choice to either play PvP or PvE - its all up to you! PvP will be for those who want to dominate the server for power and become the no.1 out of all the players, while PvE if you want to just play and not fear for the risk of being raided by others, and just build and play Tekkit.

Factions, EssentialsEco & MobDisguise are some of the plugins we use to run this server.

The spawn has a lot of stuff - for example, a large shop to buy a huge variety of things, charging rooms to charge up anything you need and also private brewing stands.

The Shop's prices all run on EMC

Thanks for reading and hopefully, see you on the server!

We also have 3 PVP Arena's: A Tank Arena (A FFA arena where one gets to be a tank after 6 kills in one life), A Team DeathMatch arena using vanilla items and mcMMO, and a "Capture the Pumpkin" Arena using mainly Balkon's weapon mod stuff. We plan on doing a Spleef arena, a FFA arena, a Sabotage arena (where you place TNT and ignite it in the enemy's base) and a Mob Arena FFA Arena.

Note: For those of you who don't know:
PVP = Player Vs Player
PVE = Player Vs Environment
FFA = Free For All

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