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Welcome to our minecraft server, Craft4Duty!!!

We're a Dutch/English server started on 5 april.
On this moment our server is Craftbukkit 1.5.2.
This is a Whitelist-Off server, so join our server to see what we're offering.
Make a faction and invite some friends to join it.
Or join a job and make some money in the shop!!
We offer many special plugins such as HungerGames, MOB-arena, PVP-arena, Plotworld, CTF ect.
There's also a economy plugin where you can make shops and trade some items.
On our site you can find our forums, feel free to post something...

Our server is hosted on Verygames, a community that rents MC-servers.
We're hosting on a server with 32GB RAM and an 8-core processor, for people who aren't farmilier with MC-hosts...

There are several ways to make money.
You can buy/sell items in the shop.
Play in the MOB-arena or VOTE for our server.
Or job and be a professional in your specific job.

Further you can donate for us, all the info in the rank-info tab.
In comparison with other MC-servers our ranks are verry cheap.
Check out all the info!!!(KITS,HG-KITS,MA-CLASSES,FLY!!!

You can earn many items by voting on all our sites.

Now... where are you waiting for???
Join our server

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