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this server is a very fun server to join any help or infomation u need the staff have to tell u because that there job very help full staff and it got custom game map on the server and it very usefull for gamer
Very Few Banned Items
No Whitelist
Full EE

[EVENTS] [ECONOMY] [FACTIONS] [MULTIVERSE] server. We have a nice fresh tekkit 3.1.2 server. No whitelist! and Full EE, Friendly staff and members.


Yes we have allow EE. It has its own world. EE worlds and normal worlds do not mix. Your inventory is separate in both. This stops economy contamination.

Our Server

Xtekkit is friendly and welcoming server. Grief protection is a must and well covered with our array of grief prevention plugins:

  • core protect
  • world guard
  • grief prevention
    Everything can be protected and you dont have to join a town to do so.
    You have complete control of who can access any of your; chests, buildings, machines and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Tidy Server

If you are sick and tired of servers that are littered with obvious griefing and huge quarry holes, then xtekkit is the server for you.
We maintain a separate mining world that is reset monthly. This ensures you never run out of resources and all quarries and mining machines can only operate within these worlds.

Server Rules

the rules are very simple:

  • No grief (except in pvp areas)
  • No pvp (except in pvp areas)
  • No stealing (except in pvp areas and death drops)
  • No swearing, kids play
  • No hacks or taking advantage of tekkit bugs.

However, we have coded our server to restrict players to within our rules. We have a very strict swear filter. Grief is zero with our plugins and no EE. All non pvp areas are protected and of course we have anti cheat plugins in operation to fight against game hacks.

Extremely Limited Downtime

No server can promise and deliver on "zero downtime". Crashes happen. The key is how you deal with a crash. Our server detects crashes, self cleans corrupt files and chunks and finally restarts itself. This whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

factions, multiverse, mob arena, auto rank, spleef, the walls, grief protection, core protect, worldguard, modifyworld, essentials, ee, equivalent exchange

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