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MilSpecSG Tekxit 3


Brand new Tekxit3 server from a quality minecraft host! MilSpecSG has returned to bring you the finest Tekxit 3 server around. Our focus is Quality, and fun. You will have a blast, come join us today!!!! Server is under construction but publicly accessible.

unlike the unsatisfied players reviewers... this server is not a cash cow server. yes you CAN donate for play time, BUT you don't need to. its not necessary to donate at all. the staff are almost always present and are super helpful. the server is family friendly and kept at pg13.
Posted 13th Feb 2020
Posted in wrong section. Please move.
Posted 8th Aug 2019
Not even a Tekkit Server. Please leave.
Posted 2nd Jun 2019
1. listed as every tekkit modpack. its not one of them... 2. you can donate for playtime. wtf this is not the meaning of it...
3. the server is build to be a cash cow...
Posted 28th Apr 2019
I really enjoy this server, great staff and friendly people. lots of extras to make life better! co-op encouraged. Server owner and staff are easily reachable at all hours. Even had an easter event!
Posted 22nd Apr 2019
not even tekkit legends server under tekkit legends section.
Posted 7th Apr 2019