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Landlife is a 24/7 tekkit server.
we try and provide a tekkit server with as few banned items as possible (We know no one likes banned items). We are a community of builders who love playing tekkit and would love to have you join us!
They are sad to have but necessary to run a grief free tekkit server.
we use tekkit restrict and tekkit customizer to ban items. Some banned items are for available for donators and those are in italics.

Destruction Catalyst
All infernal armor
Watch of Flowing Time
Nova Catalyst
Nova Cataclysm
World Anchor
Anchor Cart
Tank Cart
Swiftwolfs Rending Gale Donators and can be bought in adminshop
Quantum Armor Donators only
Ring of Arcana
Dark Matter Pedastool
Quantum Anchor
Red Matter katar

Plugin List
Grief Prevention - Protect your builds with it
LWC - Use /cprivate to protect your machines and chests
Tree Assist - Only the most epic plugin ever
Tekkit Restrict - Blocks dupes and safezones
Tekkit Customizer - Blocks items
Votifier - Let people vote for the server
Core Protect - Allows admins to find griefers
Essentails - All those basic commands /sethome /msg etc.
Simple Auto Announcer - Manages server announcements
PeX - Manages ranks and permissions
Auto Rank- Promotes people based on play time
Vault - Helps with plugin compatibility
World Edit - Helps admins with large builds
World Guard - Makes safezones (like spawn)

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