This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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26+ Slots, LWC Protection, WorldGuard, Essentials Plugin, Towny Advanced, Premium Accounts Avilable!

We have a forum all ready to go!

There is always an admin on between 19:00 and 4:00 GMT, other times we cannot guarantee.

Some items have been blocked for player atmosphere, see below for more info!

More slots are planned which is why there is a + symbol! Hopefully 50 next month!

Hope to see you soon . Any questions? Reply in this thread!

Energy Condenser Items Blocked
Some people who come on the server have been asking why anti-matter relays and all but mk1 energy collectors have been blocked. Me and a few friends have been playing tekkit privately for a while now and we came to the conclusion that it just spoils the overall atmosphere of tekkit if you can get all the good stuff within a couple of hours of playing, meaning you may just get bored. Removing these items allows users to experience other areas of tekkit that could be bypassed if you choose to dupe everything that has EMC. It's a personal preference and if you don't like it you don't have to play on our server. I probably sound like as ass but when you have so many people joining a day and asking the same question it can get to you a little bit. Thank you for reading. Hope to see some like minded people in the near future!

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