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We are a small server as a 50 person max. After a recent incident nukes and reactors are not allowed. Please read the rules near spawn. Also mark house with sign and property with a fence. Obviously no griefing. Also this is a PvP survival server. There are only two admins currently USSRDragon and nessticles. So we are on the honor system on most rules. But please follow the rules. WE WILL NOT HESITATE TO BAN PLAYERS! If you are caught or seen breaking the rules by another Player, All tips WILL be investigated! We do notwant one person ruining it for every one. Small note for a unknown reason the IP changes randomly so if Tekkit cant connect check this site for a ip change. Or the server may be off. Please Note that some plugins are being kinda weird and are not working properly. ALSO RAILCRAFT IS NOT WORKING! We are trying to resolve this

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