This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Realms Of Denryden: NOVA


REALMS OF DENRYDEN NOVA was previously split as two modpacks, called Antares and VV-Cephei. Antares was all-in-all the Modpack that contained just about every essential modpack that the community had requested. VV-Cephei on the other hand was our full-on Anarchy server which had contained VOLTZ with the inclusion of many mods such as a wide range of Flan's Mods. There was an intervention when it came to the question of how we would approach updating to 1.5.2. We had decided to create a new modpack, one that was based on Antares, but with many improvements, new mods, and more. We decided to close down VV-Cephei as it was rather unstable at the time. NOVA was what became our 1.5.2 Antares. Although in the time being, it was both rushed and a bit unstable. We decided to give NOVA a full-on reboot, recreating NOVA from the ground up. Our result was a much more stable and performance friendly rejuvination of the NOVA modpack. Now packed with about 100 Mods including just about any Machine mod you can think of, even bringing back aspects of VV-Cephei with the inclusion of Universal Electricity, and a couple of other new Mods. IC2, Gregtech, Powersuits, Tinker's Construct, ExtraBiomes, you name it! It's in this pack! Download now to get the ultimate Machine-packed Minecraft experience!

Step 1. Download the Technic Launcher at

Step 2. Open the launcher

Step 3. Click "Add New Pack"

Step 4. Copy the platform url to the box it asks for

Step 5. Press "Add Modpack"

Step 6. Click on the cog on the top-right and check 'Increase PermGen Size'

Step 7. Type your login information and click "Launch"

Step 8. Let it load then go to Multiplayer and click on Realms Of Denryden.

Step 9. Play

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