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Server Alpha! Friendly Tekkit Classic!



Hello, my name is Joel. We are starting out with a Tekkit Classic server, the aim of our server is that everyone will have fun.

We will provide a server with no grief, zero lag, mature staff and a great atmosphere! So if you are looking for it, join us!

The server will be hosted in FIN, Europe.

Contact information

Skype: blomjoe

My email:

MC IGN: Paajii

About server

The staff of the server is chosen wisely, based on their trustworthy and honesty. All of our

staff are over 17 years old. You find them in-game with tag; [Admin]. Ask for help if you need!

Our server will run on 4GB of dedicated RAM, this is enough to guarantee a smooth exp.!

We will have 20 slots, bring your friends, or come alone! Every clean player is welcome.

I'll try to keep the server 24/7, downtime will still occur as we need to have maintenance.

The server IP-address will be

SSD's will keep the server-side data reading fast and smooth, quality is our pride!
Hackers and rule-breakers, a.k.a. douchebags are not welcome on our server.

We are very strict with our rules, we do not tolerate any "bad players".

Server rules

  1. Griefing will not be tolerated, every griefer will be banned. Excuses such as; "it was my brother" will not be accepted.

    You may apply for an un-ban at our forums, but never lie, it will only make it worse. Be a man and stay behind your actions.

  2. Any kind of client modifications that will give you an advantage in-game will not be tolerated, report suspicious players to staff.

  3. Abusing glitches or exploits in-game or anywhere on our website, forums etc. will not be tolerated. Be honest, we respect those.

  4. Any kind of hacking, scamming or tricking/trolling will give you a ban, you may apply for an un-ban at our forums, but do not lie

    about what you did or that the staff sucks, it just shows your immaturity. Our staff is selected on their maturity and social skills.

  5. Spamming or swearing in the in-game chat is forbidden, you will be muted, kicked or even banned, depending on your actions.

    Racism or any type of hate-speech will give you a permanent IP-ban.

  6. Advertising is not allowed, adverts should be done on the correct game forums, not on our server, you'll just be kicked/banned.

  7. Common sense! And be respectful, we wan't to have a fun time while gaming. Please report any disturbances to our staff.

  8. Follow the rules above, if you know you won't accept those rules, simply do not connect. Thanks!

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