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This is the Tekkit Version of my Voltz Server, VoltzCraft. The storyline and history is exactly the same, but this time the two factions fight... in SPACE. In case you don't know about VoltzCraft. here's how the story goes:

War has broken out between the authorities (The Cyberlords), and the rebels (The Dalekslayers) and you have to decide who to join. Spawn at Falloutopia, which used to be a neutral city until Red Matter was discovered. Then teleport over to Neutralia, the last remaining neutral city. From there, choose your side, suit up, and get ready for battle!!!

The Dalekslayers (Blue Power Armor) and the Cyberlords (Red Power Armor) are still there, but this time a new faction joins them - The Silence (Green Power Armor). No one knows who they are, but all they want is total domination of Minecraftia.

Please note that I am currently looking for staff. If you would like to apply send me a contact request on Skype. My Skype name is deathwinghq. Tell me

Minecraft Name
Current Country (Where you live)
Ban History (Have you been banned on servers before)
Reason for applying (Why you want to be staff)
I will reply as soon as possible. If you are admitted, then I will Skype you and tell you so.

Rules will be found at the TSS (TekkitCraft Space Station).

The server is WIP, so excuse any inconviniences.

Wanna play Voltz instead? Check out VoltzCraft:

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