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  • Factions
  • mcMMO
  • LWC (Patched for tekkit)
  • iConomy
  • Automatic Sneaking
  • Hawkeye

And much more!

----General Gameplay----
We have 3 different worlds - the wild, the city and the mall! The main objective in the game is to fight for great honor in the wild, form a faction or simply to build a secret base and rain fire upon your opponents!

Once you've gotten a good go in the wild (pvp), gathered some resources you can head to the mall and sell your items for our server currency - QuantumCoins and Quantoolien. The items obtained in the mall can then be used in the city, to build a safe haven for you and your friends!

Now, one of the most annoying things with having a PvP world with almost no restrictions is that either everything gets used up, the environment is nothing but results of a dynamite war etc. - We've countered that as well! Bi-monthly (Every other week) the wild world (pvp) and it's connected sub-worlds (Nether / The end) gets reset! Entirely wiped along with the world specific inventory. By performing well in the wild, gaining resources and whatnot that are of value, to then sell them at the market / trade with friends grants you QC or QT (QuantumCoins or Quantoolien) which is then used in the city mall!

By the time you've made yourself at home in the city world, people can come by and have a look at you builds - being amazed by the wonders of your performance in the wild! (As, without performing well you wouldn't be able to purchase the required material etc.) However, general items have a low value! There are certain SUPER ITEMS - which are to be sold for a tremendous amount of QC! (See the economy section for more info!)

If you managed to read this entire section you now know the gameplay idea, you shouldn't need to read any further unless you wish to deepen your knowledge in a specific section. Well read my friend, see you in-game!

For more info and chat with the owner and staff check out our website at --->

Vote for 10 Quantoolien! (Currency!)


Pacifier123 (Com3t)
KageRyuu666 (Kage)
Echo_Crow (Crow)

scnideffer (Frostythesnowman)

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Additional Details
WE'RE HIRING! Tekkit lite surival pvp - Economy, Mall, City, mcMMO; NO RULES except morals and common sense, NO BANNED ITEMS except nukes.

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