This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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WG-Tek is back


Welcome to WG-Tek. After a long offline time we are back!

We are still in progress to build up the server. Be one of the first on this server and help us to build a nice and friendly community.

1) Griefing and stealing are allowed

2) No hacking, duping or cheating in anyway!

3) No spamming and No cursing. Small cursing is allowed tho. (eg. hell, damn...). No offensive racial/sexual stuff or offensive language in general. Remember there are kids playing too! Also includes /tpa spamming and /msg spamming!

4) If you somehow get a banned item you MUST report how you got it to the staff! If you wont you will be banned.

5) EMC farms are Not allowed. Quarry's must be underground/hidden. Frames must be removed after quarry is finished. Only one quarry active per player. If you have extra, they will be all removed.

6) Do not use multiple timers to make red-power factory's run faster. Timers have been limited for a reason. The whole factory will be taken away. You have been warned!

7) Do not claim random areas of the map, only claim areas that needs to be protected.

Banned items:

Note that the banned items list might be outdated if forgot to update.

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