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New server (As Of 6:40 7/12/12) No being a noob r


Read the rules >:3

We are a nice decent server with nice rules and not abusive ops (The server under me are noobs) Don't go on it they ban you for saying you have a server and the ops are retards. Ok so now to my server LOL we have one spawn building :| thats how new we are yeah so if you read rules and see how you can get mod + Youll have a 90% change to get it :) . Read rules youll see why if you join :3

Two or Three ops.

Nothing at spawn (I will let you build within 10 blocks away from spawn) :3

Im awsome (Dont forget that :3)

Join now :3 Always on and if it does crash it is one of the fastest restarts (Im talking exactly one minutes (Im good at math))

If you know good plugins we will see about it.

I dont want to make a picture of one building so stop looking for one :3

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