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AC3-Servers (TEKKIT) [Factions][Jobs][CREATIVE & S



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Server Name: AC3-Servers [Tekkit]

Server Address:

Server Support:

We Currently have 5 worlds! Survival(Nether, End) Creative, Pro

We are an amazing set of Servers!
Come and look! We are Community based, so if you have any ideas and the majority of players agree, then it will affect the server.
I rely on the players to keep the server going, so if you join, keep playing, compliment and suggest ways to improve the server, The attitude towards you might get better! You might be rewarded!

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The Survival world is one of the hardest to set up in Tekkit, I am trying to keep the banned items as minimal as i can!
So if anyone has any ideas on how to improve this me and the server will be grateful.
currently we are using ProtectBlocks to protect the world!

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The Creative world Is one of the easiest to setup but one of the hardest to maintain. So you reporting problems will result in actions being taken immediately, and a reward!

The Creative world uses plots, so it makes life easier to use, protect, and look around yours and others projects, builds and experiment.

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The Pro-World is a perk for donors!
Because every single donation is taken thankfully, i will reward you with these ranks!
The Ranks allow the use of certain plugins! Such as:

  • MobDisguise

  • WorldEdit

  • NEI

  • Some Banned Items

  • Pro-World

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Here are The main rules:

  1. No grief In Protected areas!

  2. Respect everyone! No Discrimination tolerated!

  3. Respect Ranks that are higher than you (They earn't it!).

  4. All grief in protected areas is to be reported immediately!

  5. Do not ask For any Promotions/Op.

  6. Don't Spam the server

  7. You May be rewarded with the usage of WorldEdit, don't abuse it!

  8. Don't Cheat.

  9. Be smart!

  10. Have fun!

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    Here are some useful links:

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By Donating you agree to The Terms and conditions that:

  • You will not grief in Pro World

  • All grief Seen Will Be Reported

  • If you break any of these terms and conditions, you may be jailed, banned, de-ranked.

you also agree not to:

  • using world edit for others

  • using world edit to crash the server.

  • use worldedit to destroy the world

  • use worldedit on a large scale

Please Read here for other Terms and Conditions

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