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  • Welcome to The TruthLessServers Vote Page! -

TruthLessServers Is a friandly server invornment where anyone who enjoy Tekkit Classic can come along and have a great time! We have a wide fan base and a lot of friendly players who are always on the server to help new comers to Tekkit or just there for a laugh! It is a really enviting atmoshpehre!

Banned Items

On This server you will be pelased to know we only have 16 banned items! Most of these are banned due to griefing reasons but currently we are working our way down the list to remove as many as we can, giving players more to use that is not banned!

The current list includes:

:- Catalytic Lens -:
- Evertide Amulet -:
- Harvest Goddess Band -:
- Black Hole Band -:
- Volcanite Amulet -:
- Cannon -:
- Nova Catalyst -:
- Nova Cataclysm -:
- Ring Of Ignition -:
- Void Ring -:
- Mercurial Eye -:
- Watch Of Flowing Time -:
- Tank Cart -:
- Turtle -:
- World Anchor (can be obatined via donations) -:
- Dark Matter Pedastool -:
The Rules
On This server we are not very stirct when it comes to rules! For a full list of rules you can view them on the server or server website! :)

On this server do also have mini games included and in ongoing contruction for players who enjoy mini-games some of these include - Survival games - Spleef - And one of our which is entitled - The Challenge World - When you join you will have access to play these at your own free will!

If you like what you see then make sure to log on and check it out! We are a friendly comunity and we welcome all players :) We look foward to seing you!


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