This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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CrashedCraft - Moved to FTB (Crash the Beast)


World Map Link.

Crash The Beast CTB is a Dedicated FTB server with it's community in mind.

To make things as smooth as possible we have our own dedicated internet line with 100mpbs upload and download

We have fully customized the server and its dedicated hardware to ensure the ram and cpu usages are even less than that required from an ftb client (thats right our server requires less power than your client does). So we always have plenty of computing power to spare which means 99.99% of the time the server is at 20tps (never seen it go below 19 ever! o.0)

The server has had much testing and every block that can be opened is lockable/protected with player controlled protections (lwc, griefprevention and towny)

everything you make can be protected with the provided protection plugins

The server has pvp on because lets face it some times it is fun.
However killing players for no reason is against the rules, to help prevent this our player controlled land protection also protects against pvp.

We hope you enjoy playing our server as much as we do, if not, let us know why so we can continue to improve :)

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