This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Icy Riptide Tekkit Survival


Welcome to IcyRiptide Tekkit Survival! Welcome to IcyRiptide Survival, a Towny survival server.

Owner: Senalrk

Slots: 48

Uptime: 24/7

Features: This server features mainly a Towny, survival world, where you can make a town, and eventually a nation by collecting and selling resources at the shop. There is PvP in the wilderness, but in towns it is optional. All Towns must be bought with a certain amount of money, which you can gather from selling things in the shop.

Banned Items: Unfortunately, as with most public Tekkit servers, we have to have banned items. These include:

All Force-field related items. (There is no need for this, just make a town)

Trade-o-Mat (Buy things in the shop, no need to make your own)

Terraformer (Don't be lazy, just do it yourself)

Nuke (Do we really need to give a reason)

All catalysts and Cataclysms

Crystal Chest (Why do you need to look at your items, just open it you lazy butt)

Black Hole Band

Overpowered Rings

And that's it. We only banned the items that would ruin the game for other people if they were exploited. If you disagree, just shut up and move on.

We hope to see you soon! Have fun on Icy Riptide Tekkit Survival!

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